10 Interesting Things At The New AEON Malls

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New Generation Malls – ‘Experiential Shopping’

by Tina Leong (Managing Director)

There have been lots of articles about ‘experiential retailing’ being the antidote to online shopping. On the Malaysian front, some of the newer AEON malls which opened in 2018 and 2019 (AEON Mall Kuching and AEON Mall Nilai), have cleverly designed common spaces for a more pleasant shopping experience. Here are 10 new interesting features they have :

Attractively designed seating areas, with Wi-Fi and free phone charging

#2 Seating areas and cafes WITHIN AEON department store itself!

#3 Walking trails and colourful back corridors


AEON Mall Nilai has also brightened its back corridors with lights and colourful walls, making it safe and inviting for shoppers to walk.

#4 Colourful staircases

AEON Mall Nilai has also painted its staircases with interesting colours and pictures, turning them into instagrammable spots. In line with its health theme, this encourages people to take the staircase and walk more.

#5 Selfie and instagrammable spots

AEON Mall Kuching has landscaped spots and installations throughout the mall, where shoppers can take selfies, wefies and photos with their family and friends. 

#6 Attractive kids’ changing rooms within the department store

AEON Mall Kuching has attractive changing rooms not only for adults but kids. These are located at the children’s wear section in the department store, conveniently near the baby’s / breastfeeding room.

#7 Kids’ toilets and baby room

AEON Mall Nilai has attractively designed toilets, including kids’ toilets. This is relatively new in Malaysia but has been implemented for a long time in other countries such as United State, Japan and Thailand.

AEON Mall Kuching also has cheerfully designed baby feeding rooms within its AEON department store.

#8 Attractive and clear signages

To improve safety, large arrows are placed on the floor in front of escalators, to indicate the direction (going up or down).

#9 Themed food courts

AEON’s food courts are attractively designed, with children’s play areas.

#10 Instagrammable wall murals

The wall claddings of vacant lots at AEON Mall Nilai have been taken up one notch – they look like art pieces and some shoppers were spotted taking photographs with the walls as background.


All these initiatives make the trip to the mall a more comfortable and pleasant experience and should encourage more repeat visits. It conveys the message that the mall cares for its community and once such a connection is established, the community would tend to respond in kind.

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