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How Credible Are Online Reviews?

est. < 1 min read Infographics covering an online survey regarding ‘Online Reviews’ conducted by STRATOS. A high 70% of respondents have written online reviews before, with 41% saying they give positive reviews most of the time.


10 Interesting Things At The New AEON Malls

est. 4 min read ‘Experiential’ retailing has been touted as the antidote to online shopping. Here, we take a look at how some of the newer Aeon malls have cleverly and attractively designed spaces for a more pleasant shopper experience.


Experiential or Just Doing The Basics Right?

est. 4 min read ‘Experiential retailing’ is the new buzzword these days, but at the very core, it may be just getting the marketing basics of knowing your customers really well. This article draws findings from a survey conducted by Stratos for the Shopping Malls Association of Malaysia (PPK).

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