Surveys, focus groups, in-depth interviews & market studies

We aim to provide services which give detailed insights to help you tackle the ever-changing market

Market Research & Consultancy

Our scope is extensive; from consumer research to demographic studies, we offer both qualitative and quantitative analysis in a variety of sectors.

Consumer & Product Research

Determine the marketability of your product or service via quality surveys, field observation, focus groups, in-depth interviews and more, allowing you to understand the consumers you serve.

Retail & Property

Designed to help retailers, mall operators and developers understand their markets and provide product offerings that not only address consumers’ needs and wants, but excite and entice as well.

Industry Assessment

Determine the market size, market share and main players of your industry with our analyses and studies to enable better decisions made by potential new entrants and investors.

Retail Network Planning

Our analysis of shopping behaviour have provided us with a unique understanding of locational characteristics in modelling the science of retail planning to reduce the risk of wrong decision.

Feasibility Studies

Determine the viability of a project after considering its probable revenues and costs via construction of cash flow models and projections, including calculations of IRRs and NPVs.


The study of geodemography has been around since the early 20th century, gaining popularity after the increased availability of census data. Our dedicated Geographic Information System (GIS) analysts can help determine trade areas and their demographic characteristics with high levels of accuracy, allowing for a detailed view on potential consumers for your company’s products and services.

By using GIS software, our team is able to delineate trade areas (by drive time or straight-line distances) and subsequently provide field mapping, population projections, geo-coding and more using primary and secondary data.

Strategy Consulting

​Increase business confidence and make sound decisions with detailed market insights and analysis from our team. At Stratos, we know how difficult it can be for you to make confident business moves in a volatile market. We strive not only produce data and research findings, but analyses and recommendations which can assist in your next step towards sustainability.

Our company values and encourages an atmosphere of learning, innovation and creative thinking, allowing us to provide you with intuitive and out-of-the-box ideas.

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