Managing Director & Founder

Tina is the guiding force of Stratos Consulting Group, founding it back in 2009. She has an entrepreneurial spirit and intuitive market sensibility that saw her co-found its beginnings as M I R P Consult at the start of the millennium. With over 20 years of research experience in various sectors that include retail, residential, commercial, hospitality and telecommunications among others, Tina has served clients from shopping mall operators and retailers to property developers and investors. She initiated new methodologies in geodemographic projections – a new field in Malaysia – and her knowledge and expertisegained from her early career as an investment research analyst is an invaluable part of the strategic recommendations Stratos provides.

Tina has advised and enabled various clients to make informed, better decisions through successful strategies and concepts. Tina also contributes to the industry in other ways. She lectures regularly on market research and sits on the board of examiners for courses organised by the Malaysian Association for Shopping & High Rise Complex Management (PPK Malaysia).

Besides her passion for facts and figures, Tina has a strong interest in history and the arts. This enables a holistic outlook of people, places and even projects when combined with her solid education in B.Sc. Economics (University of London), Master of Applied Statistics (University of Malaya) and Certificate in Marketing Research (University of Georgia, USA). She participates in charitable activities on a personal basis.