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Continuous Improvement

At Stratos, we strive to be an extensive and updated information hub, simultaneously providing innovative and intuitive solutions which focus on sustainability.

Who Are We

A market research & consulting company that specialises in multiple disciplines

Our Mission

To help organisations have greater understanding of their markets and make better business decisions

Our Vision

To be a leading authority and provider of market research, analysis and consultancy

Our history

Established since 2009, Our company evolved from M I R P Consult, thus totaling 20 years of market experience.

Providing a full range of research services, from fieldwork on the ground to analysis and recommendations, we constantly seek to evaluate and discern consumers’ and organisations’ needs, wants and decision-making processes.

We equip clients with strategic insights and sustainable solutions through quality research and creative thought processes.


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We are always open to inquiries of all sorts. We practice flexibility while still providing quality analysis to help with your business decisions.

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