International School MINI Report in Malaysia​


International schools in Malaysia were first established to cater to the needs of expatriates’ children. However, schools that were outright exclusive for this community have changed in recent years. This is stemming from the desire of Malaysian parents wanting their children to experience English-medium education in the country. The substantial increase of international schools is further compounded by the removal of 40% Malaysian student quota by the government in 2012, in support of its Economic Transformation Program (ETP) that was launched in 2010. Scaling up international schools in the country was one of the key projects outlined in ETP.

However, the increased number of international schools has resulted in a subdued growth of average student enrolment per school. This implies that some schools are operating below capacity, thus impacting its financial performance. This report presents an overview of the international school market in Malaysia, by providing a more in-depth discussion on its classification and growth trend, as well as examining the demographics and income trends in the country. Profile of selected international schools including its financial performance are also presented, in addition to a full international school directory. There are two versions of the report – Mini Report & Full Report, each priced differently. As the name suggests, the mini-report contains only selective sections of the full report.

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